Scyrotos Elektris

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Rarity: Very Exotic
Plural: Scyrotoi Elektrides
Anatomy: Fore-Oriented Lower-Spatulate Hexapodal
Sexes: Neuter
Harm Skills:
    Demolition    33%
    Artificing    17%
    Metallurgy    17%
    Mineral Lore  17%
    Smithing      17%
No specific help is available for this race.
This is a spherical creature apparently made of dozens or hundreds of copper blades that continually mesh together and spread apart
as it moves.  It has six appendages: a pair of spindly arm-like structures on either side of its middle, another similar pair
nearer to its top with a haloes of shimmering violet lightning around them, and a broader, flatter pair below it, also with haloes
of shimmering violet lightning.  You recognize it as a scyrotos elektris.  A scyrotos elektris channels and manipulates lightnings
through its form, flying by means of the electrical auras around its two lower appendages; all of its appendages can be used to
attack, but the flight appendages are less effective in combat than the rest.
Development Information: The scyrotos elektris race was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Mon Jul 14 06:37:28 2014.


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