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The Selenta Race

   Rarity: Very Exotic
   Plural: Selentai
   Anatomy: Anthropoid
   Sexes: Female
   Harm Skills:
       Arcane Lore  50%
       Metaphysics  50%

This is a vaguely anthropoid shape made up of gently swirling selero. No finer features beyond the rough anthropoid outline are visible, though the outline her does look vaguely female These creatures are called selentai, and are thought to be native to Illani, the moon orbiting Aedaris. One of the main pieces of evidence for this is that they are known to be summoned and favored by those who traffick in the arcane crafts affiliated with the moon. Devotees of Selene named them, treat them as sacred and angelic, and claim that they live eternally off of moonlight, and reproduce by parthogenesis. Regardless of whether this is true, they are composed of a strange mixture of energies that has the effect of cursing those who come in contact with them; for this reason avoiding selentai is usually advised. Her movements are very quick. She looks about twenty-three and a half dimins tall, seven and three tenths dimins wide, and one and seventeen twentieths dimins front to back.

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