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Set Martial Devotion

   Usage: set martial devotion to <skill>

Sets the weapon skill you will devote yourself to as a Aisenshi. Once your martial devotion is set, it can only be changed under specific circumstances. First, you must have advanced three levels since you devoted yourself to your present skill. Second, seven days must have passed. Third, you must set your specialty degree for the skill of your devotion as low as you are able, and it must decay to the point where you no longer have any suspended specialty points in it.

Once you have chosen a devotion, your title as an Aisenshi (as shown in 'whois') will reflect it, becoming, for example, Aisenshi-Insei-Ken for a sword devotee. Insei is a word denoting that you are both master and student, as the path of the Aisenshi leads ever onward. The last part of the title reflects the style of weapon chosen: Ono for axe, Kai for bludgeon, Tanto for dagger, Kusari for flail, Kanazuchi for hammer, Hoko for pole arm, Yari for spear, Bo for staff, Ken for sword, and Te for unarmed combat.

   See Also: show martial devotion, report martial devotion
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