Seven decrees of law

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"Before you I shall lay the Seven Decrees of Law and they shall carry you into
the embrace of our lord, Tyr."
   Lord Chaplain Siembieda of Tyr
The Decree of Life:
       Live to serve Tyr and the Universe.
   Live to defend Tyr and the law.
   Live to defend innocence and the just.
   Live for freedom, justice and the Good.
The Decree of Fairness:
   Never attack a helpless foe.
   Never resort to torture and abuse.
   Avoid lying and cheating, unless necessary for the Good.
The Decree of Nobility:
   Obey the just laws of the lands you visit.
   Administer justice equally for all.
   Administer mercy equally for all.
   Protect the innocent regardless of race or class.
   Show respect for authority but not for corruption.
   Never accept a position of power over others.
   Avoid glory if it leads to self-aggrandizement.
   Hide yourself among the people until you are needed.
The Decree of Valor:
   Exhibit courage in word and deed.
   Defend the weak and innocent.
   Destroy evil and chaos in all its forms.
   Avenge the wronged.
   Never abandon a friend, ally or noble cause.
The Decree of Honor:
   Always keep one's word of honor.
   Always maintain one's principles.
   Never betray a confidence or comrade.
   Deceive only to serve justice, or to avoid vain glory.
   Respect life and freedom.
   Die with honor.
The Decree of Courtesy:
   Never ridicule those weaker than you.
   Be polite to those who deserve it.
The Decree of Loyalty:
   Loyalty to one's principles and heart.
   Loyalty to one's friends and those who lay their trust in you.
   Loyalty to your lord and god.
   Loyalty to the destruction of chaos.
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