Shirt of Second Self

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This is a shirt made of yellow silk.  The quality of its craftsmanship is
exquisite.  Its style is refined and minimal, featuring no collar, but opening
with a line of small, flat peridot buttons straight down its center.  This is
a shirt of second self, a shirt enchanted with potent magicks designed to ease
the flow of experiences between a familiar and hir consort, hastening the rate
at which hir empathic bond strengthens.  You estimate its value at about eight
hundred seventy gold.  You are holding it.  
   It is in perfect condition.  
   It is diminutive in size, and looks a little large for you.  It appears to
you as if it was crafted for a dana.  It looks about two and a twentieth
dimins tall, about two and a twentieth dimins wide, about half a dimin long,
and less than a twentieth of a dimin thick.  It weighs very little.
(note: it was resized for a sprite.)
  • increases bond assim by 25% while worn.
  • Decently protective for chest/arms.
  • Pairs well with Yubokumin Pants if you have them.
  • Extremely rare randomload.
  • HIGHLY Flammable, no way to stop this. Gone through half a dozen so far. (Best if infused to lower flammability)
Note: Infusion helps but can only do so much, IF it catches fire it will incinerate immediately. 6 infused have gone up in flames :-/
  • (Small) Bonus to Empathy and Introspection also
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