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Shulanthu was a kedeth ELF guerrilla, but she is listed as a "legendary psychic" because her true fame was for the monstrous strength of her psionic capabilities. Physically frail, she devastated opponents with destructive mental powers unparalleled in their ferocity, and her abilities as a soothsayer, unraveling the tangled webs of the future, were storied in themselves. This was a matter of some distress to the powers-that-be in the world of Lost Souls, as Shulanthu was, on a personal level, none too stable, as one might expect of the most potent Discordian psychic of her time.

To the relief of some and mourning of others, Shulanthu fell in battle with the elder god Yog-Sothoth, who utterly consumed her soul-essence. The plotting machinations of those who looked upon her with fear and envy are suspected in this, but no evidence of foul play has come to light. She is lost, but she is not forgotten.

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