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Slaander is one of our favorite frogs on the mud. Hop on over and say hi to him sometime.

Ode to Slaander
Slaander the ice cold salamander
Far to the north he did meander
Thought the fomor lord was cool
And over the wraith's wished to rule
To satisfy his need to fight
He took his place at Sauron's right
At first he learned the art of necromancy
And found killing shatterspire he did fancy
Later he tapped the power of the sky
And by the thousands did the Aviar die
Then he baked them in a pie
Till they raised retro amulet way up high
His rival, Finwe the bold, the elflords master
Was quick to fight but to run faster
Into his microcosm covered with sperm plaster
Killing Lorthlorine Slaander did fancy,
But now thinks Finwe ports cuz he's a pansy
When he ran out of things to do
He figured fuck ill do fire too.
Guess I'll take a break from the ode my dear lizard
For fear someday he may rot my gizzard

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