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At a foreboding mansion at -24, 12, 0 in Andala, you can find an open society for PvP, the Soulburners. It is reported that this association does not provided spec access or abilities, only thrills and mayhem.

****** Rules of the SoulBurner Society ******

Any Society member may hunt and kill any other Society member and any resulting deaths are beyond question. There will be no argument, debate or reversal of effects.

No member will let a Society conflict effect nonmembers at risk of most dire consequences. There are no excuses to this rule. This means any pk outside of the Society had best be entirely legal.

The Society manor house is sanctuary. Members will not kill one another within its grounds.

There are no other rules regarding Society member conflicts, though involved parties are welcome to come to any agreements they desire.

To join the Soulburner Society simply type 'join the soulburners'.

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