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Show Specialty Access
   Incarnos-Only Skill Display
   Usage: show specialty access [<scope>]
   Displays your specialty access -- the levels of specialization you have
available.  For each skill in which you can specialize, you will be shown the
maximum specialty degree you can choose, the minimum degree you are required
to have, the number of specialty points you have assigned to that specialty,
the number of bonus specialty points you receive in that specialty (if any),
your total specialty degree in that skill, your number of suspended specialty
points in that skill, your current rating in that skill (this is your base
rating, without any modifiers), the attribute the skill is based on, and the
number of specialty points you have available in that attribute.
   If no argument is given, all specialty access will be listed; a scope
argument may be used to limit the display to a specific range of skills.  If a
skill, skill class, skill pedagogy, or attribute is given, only the related
skills will be shown.  If 'known' or 'unknown' is specified, only skills that
you are familiar or unfamiliar with, respectively, will be displayed.  You can
also specify a range of possible degrees; for example, 'show specialty access
4+' will show specialties in which you can choose a degree of four or higher,
'show specialty access 2-' will show specialties in which your degree is
limited to two or lower, and 'show specialty access 3' will show specialties
in which your limit is third degree.
   Note that if you have access to specialties in hidden skills that you do
   not yet have knowledge of, this access will not be shown until you attain
   knowledge of the hidden skill.
   See Also: specialties
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