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==[====-- Squire

 At level 20, you may receive the services of a squire.  Various
 candidates for squiredom can generally be found wandering the halls
 of Camelot.  They will answer questions as to their name and where
 they are from.  If you wish to take on one of these individuals as
 your squire, simply tell him or her that you accept his or her service.
 Be aware that if you want your squire to be with you after your next
 disincarnation and reincarnation, you will need to keep him or her.
 Your squire will accumulate experience, as you do, and will seek
 advancement when visiting Sir Lancelot.  You may need to provide
 your squire with funds for guild dues.  Upon reaching level 10, the
 squire will depart with a hearty farewell, and all of his or her
 experience points will be given to you.

 See also 'squire commands'

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