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  • A viking village in Gardagh




  • -32, 25, 0 in Gardagh, and so at global coordinates 130, 187, 0
  • Entrance is East in (ei) to -10, 2, 0 in Staavsgird (The light blue tile on the map where you can't go north)

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

Places of Interest

  • Adventurers' Guildhall
  • Grettisdottir Outfitters, Ltd. (on ground level) - Ragnhildr Grettisdottir the outfitter (5, -1, 0)
    • (Pope card, Cup of tea, Harpoon, Walking stick, Long oar, Cup of whipped mint tea, Spear, Guardian staff, Silver-inlaid steel scimitar, Silver-inlaid steel cutlass, Silver-inlaid steel machete, Steel net, Pair of leather boots, Phylactery of theosophy, Minor ring of Keetieki comprehension, Bladed steel chain, Scroll of protection from earth, Steel cable, Scroll of protection from light, Minor ring of cleverness, Ring of flight, Lesser ring of determination, Steel heavy crossbow, Anklet)
  • Tailor's shop (6, -6, 2) - Hilmar Stefansson the tailor
  • Smokehouse (5, -4, 2)
  • the Staavsgird mead hall (-7, -4, 2)
  • a shipwreck (-1, 1, -2)


  • City alignment:


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