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I have already claimed the project of revamping Camelot. I have a generalized layout planned, based partially off of Windsor Castle. What I am missing is some of the more specific stuff inside of Camelot. Does anyone have any requests to make as far as specific locations? Most of the responses I have had so far online have been for something unique, different, or cool, and then the rest of the game gets much more interesting. By posting here, it should give people some time to collect their thoughts, and for more people to be able to add on, since we all have different times of logging in and channel discussions can easily be drowned out when Behold or Coma decides to rampage through Camelot.

Some of the more notable suggestions that I have received so far have been as follows:

  • separate stables with actual stock (and varied horses to choose from based upon knight rank)
  • a royal falconer
  • expanding the herbalist
  • a cemetery with headstones for knighted squires who have died in defense of Camelot
  • a cemetery with lots of undead and a few high level undead as a boss fight (bad suggestion)
  • more non-combat items that can be 'borrowed' from the NPC knights
  • a weapon smithy where knights can go to repair/reforge their items
  • flight stables where knights can get trained pegasus or dragon mounts (bad suggestion)
  • a sparring arena where knights can engage in mock combat with each other
  • a store that deals with bludgeons, spears, maces, or pole arms
  • a jousting arena so that there is actually a use for some of the forced specs
  • more meals in Richard's that are unique just to Camelot.

Anything else?--Bladestorm 13:39, 29 December 2008 (EST)

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