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I figured I'd get this page rolling with what we'd like to see in the future from Knights. I for one am looking forward to the seperate orders in the Knights. -Sir Naito

I'm dubious about writing anything down here, not because I don't want to share, but because I've probably shared too much over Knight channel, tells and chats, my pov is pretty well known. Still, a cohesive argument might help:

1.) Defenders of the Land - Shield, defense, and HP specialists
These guys should have magickal resistances too and probably more bonus quests, stuff to do outside of the main city of Camelot.
2.) Masters of Arm - weapons experts
Loose associations with Arthur, LOTS of bonus specs so they can use ALL weapon types (to around the 4th degree). It's not as powerful as it sounds, just adds a nice flexibility.
3.) Mounted Cavalry - horsemanship and better mounts
Mounted combat is amazing. Akin to the familiar system I'd like to see the mounted cavalry select their mount from a list and that mount becomes part of their legend, so it's never 'killed'.
4.) Pure of Heart - Men of Pious Faith, able to turn the undead and perform acts of faith healing Strong ties to the pantarchic church and holy fortitude/holy purity buffs. Higher invocation than normal and access to priesthood spells, cure disease, limb regeneration etc. For the record Knights of the White Cross should be in here :p
5.) Leader of Men - leadership and bonuses to training squires
Similiar to Mounted guys, these guys have a right hand man, a Captain permanently tied to their legend. He's free, permanently kept and will reinc like you if he dies.
6.) Chosen of Arthur - Housed in Camelot and serve as the leaders among the knights and lords of the realm.
Actually I see these guys as either general knight types, similiar to now or the Captains of the other 5, Captains as in the best of the best of the other 5. Possibly more an association available to higher level types with ranks and bonuses similiar to the LHG.

Problems with Knights:
We lost our charge, we lost our weapon honing, yeomen and followers in general aren't up to the job, how many knights bother with the warhorse as it stands? Fine until you're hitting level 30ish and then suddenly your warhorse is getting smited by whatever you're fighting. Yeoman are fun, my main problem with them is they slow me down. Squires are actually ok now I think. I hate that the armoury stuff can't be kept actually and you have to keep heading back to Camelot whenever you login. And I honestly am not looking for buffs, but the current spec stealing on first level is a little annoying, especially for those who aren't Elder races. You're sitting on dex 80 and boom!! jousting, sword, spear and pole arm have just left you with 4 dex points. Of which you'll pick one (usually sword) and have 3 dex points sitting there useless. If for thematic reasons Knights are really gonna have to have those skills, make 'em bonuses, otherwise please drop them.

I've been accused of being power hungry in the past and it's why I've been hesitant to say anything, but my concerns are NOT for Gavadel, I have workarounds and he's a nice character. I worry about the new knights finding an underpowered guild for the lesser races. And it's them the guild should be balanced for, not me. I'm attracted to 'cool stuff' not power :p --Aedhan 08:07, 25 December 2008 (EST)


That sounds awesome, it involves such an immersive world where you could get totally lost.--Sir Naito

My answer isn't at all useful actually. I play Knights because I always have, I'm a visual player and the image of the Knight, warhorse (well in Gav's case, war-pegasus) has always appealed to me. As for why I find them playable? Lay hands... single best ability ever and their special thing that makes 'em not just a warrior with a horse.--Aedhan 18:34, 6 January 2009 (EST)

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