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I was hoping someone would put together a list of NPCs that have mental illnesses.

What i've got so far

  • Twitchy Reveller's in Discordia have Tourette's or Tardive Dyskinesia
  • NPCs on R'leyh that have the adjective "insane"
  • Lobotomized slaves in Syllyac
  • Sinister Dexter
  • Merethus has Shatnerosis
  • Keiko, Mivara, and several other Bloodmoon Priestesses have Nymphomania
  • the Veteran has random psychoses
  • Trenck's shakes are attributed to his ataxia
  • Unheeded Disjunction loads with a random disorder

*Maybes (But probably should be)

  • Viarr the madman (Lycanthropy? or does he actually have illness)
  • Raving/Ranting/Crazed NPCs on R'leyh
  • Nothing else comes to mind. Help me out here people.
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