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My thoughts -- not so much to pick out my own top ten, but to offer some critiques concerning the list.

  • ELF vs. RW -- In my opinion, this could very well be reversed. Both get a ton of perks, magical attacks, areas, and so on. RW get a lot of points at the high-end for (theoretically, at least) being able to get very high resistances to a great number of fairly common damage types. ELF get more followers, but I don't really use followers.
  • Clerics -- Vastly underrated. If anything, clerics should be somewhere in the middle of the 'most powerful' pack -- they get extraordinary protective powers, a heal over time, the ability to regenerate limbs on the fly, regular healing spells for emergencies, one of the most powerful equipment buffs in the game (bless) which causes the cleric's equipment to also heal the cleric, flame strike (which is a very powerful area attack), and spiritual hammer (which may well be the most powerful single-target magical attack in the game at high levels). And wrath... which is a silly spell and virtually useless as a practical matter, but allows a cleric to demolish just about anything in the game once every three days.
  • Ordo Maleficus vs. Reapers -- OM is overrated here, truth to be told. I wouldn't necessarily place OM on either list -- I got an OM to level 50, but it was a pretty big challenge. If anything, OM are like toned-down reapers -- less powerful debuffs, less powerful buffs, not as many vulnerabilities. OM get some points for having an overpowered healing spell, but I think reapers still have a better claim to being 'more powerful' than OM do.
  • Coven/Zetesai/VV -- Difficult to rate at all, since so much depends on the familiar. I'm also not entirely sure why Coven rank higher than Zet/VV. Coven does have some potential, but they don't do much that's especially different from a VV who is bonded to the same animal. Again, not sure why they get 3 spots higher on the list than the guild that can bond drakes and felivanuses (felivani?). Also no idea why they'd be above OZM.
  • Brutes -- Ought to be higher on the 'most powerful' list. Brutes heal like crazy in combat, get to think about beer, get enormous buffs to quickness, massive blow, haste, and so on, and can use dismember.
  • Justicars -- Justicars are, at their heart, a boring melee guild. That said, they get a seriously-good buff and the ability to craft full suits of unearthly armor and forge unearthly weapons. If they got to keep their gear between incarnations (like knights can now), they would actually be pretty well playable (if pedestrian).
  • Travelers -- Challenges are a pain in the ass. That said, Travelers get really nice weaponry, an amazingly-good aura, a bond to a pretty powerful familiar, and can generate just about any damage type in the game, so don't really need to worry too much about NPC resistances. If anything, they ought to be somewhere around the level of the VV/Zet/Coven, if not higher.
  • GLC -- Would make my 'most powerful' list. GLC get corpore lux, which is a humongous buff, they get some pretty powerful magical attacks, good equipment, an area attack, and since their spec access got pumped up enormously, they can be pretty credible melee fighters. The iron vulnerability is somewhat annoying, but all in all not that tough to get around, since most things that wear iron can be taken down in melee pretty handily.

--Esmene 14:38, 23 September 2010 (EDT)

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