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Well there's a lot about fire being destructive (and it SHOULD be), however fire is also a positive force, since there is a neutrality to the guild, be nice to see some of that reflected in their spells, the negative spells (DESTRUCTION!) and positive spells (Healing? Something creative or constructive?) --Aedhan 03:56, 1 January 2009 (EST)

Perhaps Red Magi can see the "fire" burning in people's hearts which allows them insight and control. They can enflame or calm passions and because they can manipulate, they can perhaps ensorcell people into following them? Because of their insight, they can anticipate attacks allowing them to be a step or so ahead of attacks. Perhaps they get something akin to the Fates talent and can foresee certain futures for people--or even embed commands to be executed in the future (goblin befriends next human seen and fights against his compatriots, healer NPC heals Mage when health gets below a certain level)

The reason why they are neutral is because they can see into the hearts of man and realize that allowing good, evil, order or chaos to flourish will result in different flavors of oppression. They stand in opposition of the Shadow Tower however because they believe locking extremes up only provides the illusion of control as well as concentrating extremes in one place. Having seen into hearts, they realize that given the opportunity to chose, people can and will moderate themselves. This said, it is sometimes necessary to take control of creatures for a short time and rob them of their freewill in order to advance the cause of neutrality. --Grundy 04:48, 1 January 2009 (EST)

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