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A few of the players have asked for some feedback on the ideas that they have entered, so as to better understand what it is that the developers are looking for. To this end, I'll pick 5 ideas at random to demonstrate the gamut of ideas we receive.

You have chosen to view idea number 394

Idea proposed by ***** on Sun Jan 18 15:34:53 2009 Idea: Grog should be worth more xp, closer to what he was worth before if not the same he was formerly worth. Have you fought the guy? I have tissue softening for protection against blunt and very good guild armor and he's still among the hardest things I kill. Much easier than 9th floor ST kedethkral or Reanada.

Player Level: 30 Player Affiliations: the Wild Talents, the Questors of Tyr, the Justicars of Tyr, Patryn runes, the Weapons of Vengeance

Comments: This one is not so much of an idea as it is a complaint. If this were aired over OOC, several other players would retort about how easy Grog is, or they would simply agree and suggest not killing him if he isn't worth it, instead focussing on those kills that are easier and worth just as much, if not more, xp.

You have chosen to view idea number 410

Idea proposed by ******** on Fri May 01 23:58:48 2009 Idea: Idea's which are logged should be recorded and number for the players to see. This way if they do get rewarded for their ideas then they'll know ahead of time which ones devs liked.

Player Level: 18 Player Affiliations: the Rangers

Comments: Excellent idea. It demonstrates a well thought out idea, conveyed in a straight forward manner, and it lists a benefit of incorporating said idea. At this time, I do not know enough about the level of code necessary to facilitate this change, so I am doing what I can here.

You have chosen to view idea number 100

Idea proposed by ********** on Tue Feb 14 16:29:31 2006 Idea: New wild talent - psychic surgeon. Would work like psychic healer, but for mental impairments, especially insanity, psyche drain (kaz ability), etc. Should also have the ability to diagnose mental disorders.

Player Level: 76 Player Affiliations: the elven races, the Chosen of Vashanka, the Erisian Liberation Front, Ashe's Wardens, the Kazarzeth

Comments: Interesting idea, though there are very few developers who could actually be able to deal with the psionics code. Still, though, the idea is solid. Don't know if this will ever make it to the psionics section, but clerics did end up getting a spell to heal insanities.

You have chosen to view idea number 259

Idea proposed by ****** on Wed Jan 30 10:41:36 2008 Idea: Tiny retarded quests that make no sense but involve acquiring gold without feeling helpless by not having any ability to kill but requiring a few hundred gold to either buy food after res sick or whatever. Like say bill needs you to to go dara and bring her a notebook. 1 quest point the first time, but things like that can be repeatable, and for small gold rewards, like 20-500 gold.

Player Level: 7 Player Affiliations: the Maidens of the Spear, the Kensai

Comments: While this does address a player concern and offers a solution to it, this idea is just begging for abuse. While it may be beneficial for those who have recently died, there's not much to discern between someone down on their luck and in need of a few coins, and someone who has found a way to hide their wealth and bot this quest. Figure it out the first time, set it up as a repeatable cycle, set your client's timers, go to bed and wake up to 6 million gold. Get back from work, and you have a backpack full of 600 trillion.

You have chosen to view idea number 273

Idea proposed by ****** on Sat Feb 23 18:15:42 2008 Idea: Stingers of shapeshifters should have a chance of poisoning opponents. 'train me in metamorphosis

Player Level: 12 Player Affiliations: the Shapeshifters

Comments: Well, they do have a chance of poisoning opponents. One of many examples of an idea for something we already have. While the enthusiasm is nice, some times it pays to do a little bit more research.

You have chosen to view idea number 289

Idea proposed by ******** on Thu Mar 27 17:26:00 2008 Idea: �� I think it would be awesome if we put some items up for bid on eBay. Chaos would have to put up the auctions so that when they are paid for, it goes into his account. There could even be a small contest between members of the development team to create some unique donation items that can be placed up for bid. Simple replicants of arties probably would not be a good option for eBay auctions, but things like Stus monkey king flute would work well for it. Unique followers Unique mounts Limited use items like a potion of greater healing that can be used 5 times. A major buff that gradually degrades over time, like a slower version of the PPQ A set amount of permadjust stat points 5 lens of changes A full set of Ioun stones Shrunken unicorn head for Malefici A pair of black skulls

Player Level: 33 Player Affiliations: Ordo Maleficus

Comments: Fairly well presented idea. It presents the idea, gives examples (I like how he slid in the request for an item specific to his guild), and shows a benefit for the mud community as a whole. On the downside, it makes assumptions about how much time the developers have to devote to the mud. This idea might actually work really well if we had a much larger player base and more developers on hand to code the items. At our current size, this just isn't very feasible. Only a few players are online at any given time, so there may not be a lot of competitive bidding for items, and there is a chance that one person could very well stockpile the entire lot of auction items. It also assumes that the players here have disposable incomes, eBay accounts, and the willpower to pull themselves away from their LS addiction. Even if we had a huge playerbase and a larger number of dedicated developers, there are still some inherent problems with this idea, such as balance issues, the amount of time needed to code these items and set up the auctions, the bookkeeping necessary for such transactions... As much as I'd like this to be a possibility, this idea is gonna have to be shelved until we get a lot more development done.

It would be nice, though, if we had the people and the internal game mechanics to support it.

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