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Yevath has been a small fort of just 4 rooms for a long time now. Anyone interested in seeing it updated?--Bladestorm 12:21, 10 April 2009 (EDT)

Well... YEAH! Yevath could (should?) be a vast fortress, full of barracks, siegeworks, and forges, as well as libraries and laboratories dedicated to magick. Also better defended. The existing guards are fine, but we need murder holes to rain down arrows and random vats of acid/alkali/burning oil/diseased sewage. The RW guild area should be a separate section, and there should be areas that only the intangible can pass. Finally, Ahrikol's throne area should be befitting a wannabe world ruler; instead of darkness and gloom it should be stately enough to persuade visiting royalty (or potential Ringwielders) to join with his cause, purely for the sake of law and order, of course.

It would be interesting to build Yevath and Camelot in parallel. For every aspect of Camelot, I can add an equal or opposite aspect for Yevath. The knights has a guild armoury that only they can get into, and some equipment restricted to only a select few. Ringwraiths can have something similar, with rooms separated off so that only certain amounts of intangibility can access them, which would be a much better method than restricting things by level. Yevath would be able to have their own mounts (flying steeds available to most of the wraiths, with the current summoned steeds accessible via the rings still). As Camelot gets their warhounds, Yevath can get their wargs. Camelot has a recruiting barracks, Yevath can have a breeding pit where young goblinoids are ready to be subjugated by a domination rune. Yevath can have a dark cleric that can resurrect a fallen warrior, similar to the Yehovite church, and maybe instead of a GLC defender, Yevath can have a POEE as additional augmentation to the guards. Much to consider.--Bladestorm 13:07, 13 April 2009 (EDT)

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