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Skill Template for Skill Trainers

  • Current Functions:
    • Adds a lower-case link to the skill in the traditional 'quoted from the game' style.
    • Displays any notes or limitations next to the skill link.
    • Adds 'Category: <Skillname> Trainer' to the page.
  • Future Ideas:
    • Add section definitions to allow individual sections to be pulled into other pages. LSWiki cannot currently do this, but it would allow things like displaying skill limitations for a trainer on the skill's page.
    • Maybe add special handling for languages -- initial capitalization and such. LSWiki also cannot currently do this afaict.
Looks Like
This -> {{trainedskill|Abjuration|nothing to see here}}
Creates this:
 abjuration nothing to see here
As well as adding Category: Abjuration Trainer to the page.
{{trainedskill|Capitalized Skill Name|(optional) notes or limitations}}
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