Temple of Soralea

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The Temple of Soralea

    The Temple of Soralea.  The kentaur temple of healing has long been known
for its abilities to restore people to health.  The temple has stood for
generations on Kentaur Isle, healing all who come.  The temple is scrupulously
clean and well maintained.  The massive stone blocks of the temple shine in
the light, showing how smooth they are.  A large statue stands in the center
of the temple.  There is also a sign on the far wall.  The area is reasonably

    Soralea, High Priestess of the Healing Temple of Kentaur Isle is here.

  • Business sign:
The writing is in Anglic, and reads:

Service                  Cost   Description
Invigorate               50     For when you're a bit run down.
Bind                     100    For light wounds.
Mend                     250    Used on more serious injuries.
Cure                     500    Apply this to grave wounds.
Heal                     1000   For life-threatening injury.
Restore                  2500   A last resort for mortal wounds.

  • Statue:
The statue is very old.  It is of a female kentaur hunched over a small
kentaur colt.  She appears to be administering medicines and trying to heal
the small colt.  But strangely enough, the colt looks dead and grief is
written all over the statues face.
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