Terrors and Their Ilk

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a black-leather-bound parchment book
    The writing is in Anglic, and reads:
Terrors and Their Ilk
    A small black-leather-bound parchment book with a title etched on its cover.  It is closed.  It
is closed.  You appraise it at sixteen gold.  
    It looks about a fifth of a dimin long, one and a half dimins wide, and two dimins tall.  It
weighs about half a dekan.
    The commands 'open <item>', 'close <item>', and 'turn page [in <item>] [to <number>]' may be
used with it.  Keeping the black-leather-bound parchment book costs five keep points.  The
black-leather-bound parchment book was created by Den; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15
02:45:55 2016.  The material leather was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated
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last updated Tue Mar 15 02:18:43 2016.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


                         The Known History of Jhan
                            Mestoph the Blind

Part One : Of Jhan in Barsaive 

     Jhan was a major trade city in Barsaive.  It prospered for decades, and  
life was good.  Then the Scourge came.  The Scourge is the name given to the
period when Barsaive was ravished by a race of monstrous creatures known as
the horrors.  The horrors were attracted to the world of Barsaive because of 
the high use of magic in that world.  The horrors destroyed everything they
came apon.  In attempt to survive this time, the people of Barsaive bottled
themselves up in caves and citadels, reinforced with magicks designed to fend
off the horrors.  This worked for some, others it did not.  Jhan, led by the
mage Mettik came up with an even more desperate plan.  They took the citadel
in the center of their city, and reinforced it with powerful magicks.  They
made room for all the citizens of the surrounding city, who were willing to 
undertake this new adventure, inside the citadel.  Then Mettik summoned vast
powers, and shifted the citadel of Jhan to where it stands here. 

Part Two : On the Arrival

     The appearance of Jhan was a shock to the natives.  Many were frightened
off by the sudden arrival.  Some were not, and saw Jhan as a great source of
wealth.  Such was it with the orcs from the Delaris Mountains.  They were a 
gruesome band, and have warred with Jhan for the last decade.  The first order
of business apon the arrival was to elect a leader.  A strong, compassionate
man named Nareth was selected.  Mettik, shattered by the shifting of the
citadel, forged for Nareth, Glory, as a symbol of the learderhip of Jhan.

Part Three : On Politics in Jhan

     Jhan is led by Nareth, a strong and compassionate warrior.  He leads the
people of Jhan justly.  The citadel has a limited armed forces, consisting of
a mere 230 warriors.  These warriors are considered the best there is not only
on Barsaive, but here as well.  The only thing that has kept the orcs from 
sweeping through Jhan in fact is this small guard.  Jhan has made contact with
several kingdoms throughout the realms enlisting aid, and offering his.  He
has made several strong friendships through this.

Part Four : On the Populace of Jhan
     The populace of Jhan lives in the second level of Jhan.  That area has   
been enlarged through magic.  There is an even division of labor among the 
people in the citadel.  Some farm the fields outside the citadel, others 
serve in the guard.  The most important group in the citadel are the merchants.
These are the ones responsible for locating all the resources Mettik needs
to return Jhan to Barsaive.

Part Five : On the Religion of Jhan

     The principal religion in Jhan is the worship of Axa, goddess of law.  Axa
is revered above all other gods.  The other gods of light are recognized, and
occasionally worshipped.  The worship of pagan gods is forbidden, and those 
caught worshipping such profane dieties are exiled from Jhan. 

Part Six : Of the Future of Jhan
     The original plans of the leaders in Jhan were to wait a few years then
return to Barsaive and rebuild.  As the days go by though, Jhan gets more
entrenched in this society, and becomes more at home.  The possibility exists
that Jhan and its people will never again look upon their homeland...

                                                          Mestoph the Blind

Relevant Skills

You feel that reading this material has broadened your perspective and increased your knowledge of history and legend lore.

End of spoiler information.
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