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This form allows one to increase the dimensionality of one's vision, touch, and, perhaps most notably, mental functioning. It will give one a degree of hyperspatiality, and access to corresponding connections in thought. This is a highly versatile form, but it is known to be favored by more mischievious Aligned, who use it to find new ways to trick others, through misleading negotiations, logistical disruptions, or outright theft. Its use is also known to result in strange sculpture and poetry that goes unappreciated by those who operate in lower degrees of dimensionality -- including even the artist who made it, once they cease to actualize this form.

The combination of perceptual and cognitive augmentations is thus colloquially known as "wrysight".

Maintaining wrysight will slowly drain one's order energy. One can dismiss the effect in the same manner as one actualizes it.

Knowledge Requirement

mathematics skill of 115 or higher or cosmology skill of 135 or higher and critical thinking skill of 35 or higher.

Facility Formula

30% of ego plus 15% of intellect plus 2.5% of enchantment skill plus 2.5% of psychophrasty skill plus 25% of lexiturgy skill plus 20% of mathematics skill

Facility Range

136 to 450.

Energy Costs

10 order energy.

Process to Actualize

visualize a tesseract.

-- Marcosy sez: the skills boosted by the form appear to include Picking Pockets, Poetry, Prose, Sculpture, Critical Thinking, Intelligence Analysis, Logistics, Escape, Stealth, Diplomacy, Fast Talk, Navigation and Weaving.

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