The End

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I heard Rubernel searching and feel Fledge's loss. She feels betrayed, but the bond isn't broken. I tried to discuss the situation with the Captain and even with Cubatus, but they don't understand.

By taking the stand I did in the way I did against the Forces of Chaos and the Forces of Evil, I became the symbol to be attacked. The light to be darkened. My fight didn't solve problems, didn't heal wounds, it created as much disharmony and heartache as it solved. How many mothers? How many widows? How many children? All bereft of their sons, husbands and fathers because they followed /my/ banner. Whether as part of the Band or in my frantic battles against the forces assaulting Losthaven.

But I know myself, the call for glory still burns within me and the call to fight must be answered.

My solution is a drastic one, though perhaps not as drastic as some. I will go, I will be forgotten and I will forget. The wound will not be inflicted by myself, but one talented in such things. The Band will disolve, only Fledge will know and wait.

And as I go to meet him, I feel two things burning and I know them to be true even though they are both against everything I'm trying to avoid: I will see her once more, Amber. And the Noon-blade will shine again.

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