The Focusing Iris

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This is an affiliation. We don't know what it is, how to join it, what its types are, what its requirements are, or anything else about it.

We know it exists due to a small systematic failure regarding retirement from the world of Lost Souls.

Due to change searching, we have reason to believe that change 6954 was a change to the Focusing Iris.

A few conspiracy theories:

 1) This is the psychic affil that got hidden from Agun all these years.
 2) This is an affil that is secret because the more members there are the less power each one gets
 3) The name was intentionally designed as a red herring, just in case of some sort of unanticipated "small systematic failure", and the current playerbase is far too gullible/credulous for their own good.

A few things we can know for certain, in various ways:

 1) It has to be psychic in some way
 2) It has something to do with focusing, or irises, so maybe something to do with the lightbringers, or lenses, or flowers, (lenses focus, irises are flowers). It could also be something to do with eyes, because the iris is part of your eye.

- We know this because the means we found it by revealed that Nyarslulai was a member before retirement.

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