The Fourth Spatial Dimension

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In some exotic circumstances, it may become possible to perceive a fourth spatial dimension beyond the three normally known (length, width, and height), either directly or through perception of beings that exist in four dimensions. Esoteric researchers have arrived at a set of terms for speaking about this dimension. The word used for its extent is "spissitude"; a four-dimensional object has length, width, height, and spissitude. The adjective for an object's spissitude is "spiss"; a four-dimensional hyperbox might be two dimins long, four dimins wide, one dimin high, and three dimins spiss. The directional terms for spissitude corresponding to "north" and "south" in latitude and "east" and "west" in longitude are "ana" and "kata".

The trait of hyperspatiality is generally required for one to perceive or interact with the fourth spatial dimension.

See also: hyperspatiality, the fifth spatial dimension

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