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[OOC Chaos] but okay, let's see

[OOC Chaos] my playlist is:

[OOC Chaos] The Bad Touch (KMFDM Remix)

[OOC Chaos] Bind Torture Kill, Suicide Commando

[OOC Chaos] Blindhammer, Assemblage 23

[OOC Chaos] Cells (Instrumental), The Servant

[OOC Chaos] Dante's Prayer, Loreena McKennit

[OOC Chaos] Boulevard of Broken Songs, DJ Zebra/Green Day/Oasis/Eminem/etc/etc

[OOC Chaos] Du Riechst So Gut (KMFDM & Hiwatt Mark Mix), Rammstein

[OOC Chaos] Eternal, Evanescence

[OOC Chaos] Euphoria, Delerium

[OOC Chaos] Fortress of Regrets, Mark Morgan (Planescape: Torment soundtrack)

[OOC Chaos] Horizon, Assemblage 23

[OOC Chaos] Hydroelectric, MDMFK

[OOC Chaos] Land of Confusion, Disturbed

[OOC Chaos] Liebeslied, KMFDM

[OOC Chaos] Lullaby, Assemblage 23

[OOC Chaos] Paris, Delerium

[OOC Chaos] Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix), Rob D

[OOC Chaos] Silence, Delerium

[OOC Fuchiya] with or without sarah mclachlan?

[OOC Chaos] Symphony No. 9, Scherzo, Ludwig van Beethoven

[OOC Chaos] with

[OOC Chaos] This Is Your Life, The Dust Brothers (Fight Club soundtrack)

[OOC Chaos] This Shit Will Fuck You Up, Combichrist

[OOC Chaos] Thorns, Wumpscut

[OOC Chaos] Atomic Dance Explosion, Trance Control

[OOC Chaos] Atomic Dance Explosion (Starcraft Edit), Trance Control

[OOC Chaos] Truly (Wise Buddah [sic] Radio Edit), Delerium

[OOC Chaos] White And Nerdy, "Weird Al" Yankovic

[OOC Chaos] Wo Bist Du, Rammstein

[OOC Chaos] Wizard in Winter, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

[OOC Chaos] A Last Illusion, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

[OOC Chaos] Animal I Have Become, Three Days Grace

[OOC Chaos] Ode To Joy, the Adicts

[OOC Chaos] The Thing That Should Not Let It Be, Beatallica

[OOC Chaos] Standing, VNV Nation

[OOC Chaos] Ode to Joy V2 Distorted, Sorman Nystrom (took like a fucking year to find this track, it's the electric guitar ode to joy they

used in the Die Harder With A Vengeance trailer)

[OOC Chaos] Battle Without Honor Or Humanity, Tomayasu Hotei

[OOC Chaos] Your Last Salute (Das Ich Remix), Wumpscut

[OOC Chaos] End Theme, Wizards & Warriors (game soundtrack)

[OOC Chaos] Achtung X-Mash, Divide & Kreate

[OOC Chaos] Code Monkey, Jonathan Coulton

[OOC Chaos] Beethoven, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

[OOC Chaos] Figaro, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

[OOC Chaos] Wreath of Barbs, Wumpscut

[OOC Chaos] Thorns (Distant Vocals), Wumpscut

[OOC Chaos] Fading Suns, unknown artist (Emperor of the Fading Suns soundtrack)

[OOC Chaos] We Are, Ana Johnston

[OOC Chaos] Gothic March, Colin Rea (Emperor of the Fading Suns soundtrack)

[OOC Chaos] Standing (Original), VNV Nation (i guess the other one is a radio edit or something)

[OOC Chaos] Art Is Dangerous, The Defoliants

[OOC Chaos] More Human Than Human, Rob Zombie

[OOC Chaos] Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie

[OOC Chaos] 100,000 Fireflies, The Magnetic Fields

[OOC Chaos] Leaving Hope, Nine Inch Nails

[OOC Chaos] 2 AM (Trance Edit), Anna Nalick

[OOC Chaos] The Boys of Summer, The Ataris

[OOC Chaos] Orion, Metallica

[OOC Chaos] Canon, Johann Pachelbel

[OOC Chaos] Aerodynamic, Daft Punk

[OOC Chaos] Get Your Body Beat, Combichrist

[OOC Chaos] done

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