The Semi-Great Almerian Treasure Hunt of 2011

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Registration for this event is now open. See talk page.

Note: I've decided to terminate this event, due to real life concerns taking me away from LS increasingly. I will hope to have a different event in something of the same vein in the future. Keep checking the Wiki for information. As far as prizes for this event go, I'm giving the three who participated in this event one prize off the prize list each (if there aren't enough of one prize to go around, then first place takes priority, then second, then third), and will save up the rest of the prizes for the unspecified future event. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in this event. --Esmene 17:02, 9 December 2011 (EST)

THE FIRST LIST IS UP! Turn-ins to occur Saturday afternoonish, around 4-5pm (Pacific). Winners of each list will receive a prize, and there will be at least one Grand Prize for the overall points winner.


Fun for all ages!

This challenge will most likely coincide with the week prior to Halloween, and will consist of a number of lists of items one can turn in for points. I will be signing up participants on the talk page in the coming week (more on that below). As a note, most of these items will be fixed-load items which are relatively obscure, although I will be including an occasional random-load item. I will also not be including a large number of items which necessitate killing of difficult creatures or NPCs in order to get, although some of the items will be located in areas which are dangerous. In general, I will try to include as many items which a newbie would be able to get as easily as a veteran, if not more-easily.

The Rules, Fools

  • I will only be accepting items from one incarnos per atman, and you must register on the talk page of this article (once registration is opened, probably this Thursday).
  • The fact that I will only accept items from one incarnos does not mean that you may pass items between your incarnoi in order to turn them in. If you turn an item in, you are essentially saying that the incarnos who is handing me the item found the item, pulled the item off an NPC which was killed by him or her, bought the item, or otherwise was the only incarnos on that atman involved in any aspect of obtaining the item. This would include setting scrolls of recall to the locations of the items with another character, scrying the location of an NPC which possesses the item with another character, or doing anything which could be considered 'help' between incarnoi whether or not I have been creative enough to anticipate it and post it here. I don't have the resources to fully-enforce this rule, so you will essentially be on the honor system for the most part. Just remember the fact that I can scry inventories, people, and many items on a whim, and will not hesitate to disqualify people who are apparently attempting to flout this rule.
  • With the above said, you may work together to locate and return items (as long as you're not just one person logged into two atmai). Just remember that it may not be possible for everyone to turn in every item on the list, so if you're going to work together, figure out between yourselves who gets to turn in what and who gets to win in the event that it's not possible for you to engineer a tie. Any disputes brought to me will be met with extreme indifference, if not amusement and taunting.
  • You may not claim any items through playerkilling, nor may you use playerkilling or PvP conduct to gain an advantage over any other player in any way, so don't even think about it. The only circumstance in which a PK or PvP conflict will be an acceptable means of gaining an advantage will be if all parties involved in that conflict, either directly or incidentally, agree to the terms of that conflict and the stakes involved. I will be the ultimate arbiter of any such terms at my discretion.
  • Any other methods by which you might obtain the items in question are legal. Anything on the ground, in a guild- or association-specific communal storage area, in a shop, in a microcosm, or in any other place potentially or conceivably accessible through any means other than one which raises aggression or requires the intervention of a developer is fair game. This means if you can engineer a way to teleport yourself into someone else's portable hole, have at it. If you can take items directly from someone else's inventory, go ahead. If you can order someone to give you items, then more power to you. As a result, you may be well-advised not to use an incarnos who is a member of any group, adventuring company, or any other thing which might make you be considered to be a commandable follower, and not to keep any items in any communal storage places. You might want to get yourself a cloak of holding if you don't have anything better.
  • Don't store your items on a familiar or follower. I tried thinking up a rule that would allow some follower-killing to balance out any perceived advantage, but figured that I really don't want to deal with this one.
  • You must not Fetch. Fetching is the fun-killer. Fetching is the dick move that brings too much fucking whining.
  • Using Zrael to teleport items away raises aggro, FYI. And even if it somehow doesn't, you should consider it as being a method you may not use.
  • Using NPCs to kill a person counts as a PvP interaction, so no carrying the Avatar of Kali to one of your competitors in the hopes that she'll kill him or at least dest his gear.
  • No turning in replicated, oanon, or any other kind of temporary item created through guild powers. That knock-off Hanomanian crap is made by sexually-abused gnome children, you know.
  • There are no Constitutional provisions which serve to prohibit the making of ex post facto laws in a privately-run contest like this, so if I don't like how you're playing the game, I reserve the right to punish first and post a new rule about it here later. If you think some of your conduct might be borderline, ask me to clear it first.
  • In general, turn-in deadlines will be in the evenings on Monday and Tuesday, in the afternoon on Thursday, and early evening Friday. All of these times are Pacific times. In general, I will attempt to anticipate and post deadlines on each list, but the announced deadlines on OOC will be the final word.
  • This contest is meant to be fun. If you're not having fun with it, don't bother playing.


  • There may be some items which might not be able to be gotten by all incarnoi. In general, if there are places your incarnos cannot go, it might be wise to use a different incarnos for this challenge.
  • You may want to spend some time prior to the start of this scavenger hunt familiarizing yourself with as much of the MUD as possible and with the items which can be found in each area. All except for Jack's Farm. I will not be including any items from Jack's Farm because I hate that fucking place and wish it would have been deleted instead of the Hotel California.
  • Like I said previously, I will try not to include that many items for which combat with even arguably difficult NPCs or critters will be required. Basically, if your incarnos can kill Camlorn, he or she will probably do just fine.
  • You want to make sure your incarnos can carry some pretty heavy items. If you can't carry the item to me and place it in front of me, you won't get partial credit for knowing where it is.

Da Prizes

I will be awarding several prizes to the top players in various categories I come up with, based on points turned in. I am still coming up with categories of players which will give everyone enough incentive to try and win.

This is only a tentative list, so don't rely on these prizes being given out, or that these prizes will be the only ones given.

  1. 2 lenses of changes
  2. 4 rainbow pibrits
  3. 2 Kazarithraxes (Kazarithraxen?)
  4. 2 glomschals
  5. 2 xyrikallix
  6. 1 pair of cryomer-set gauntlets
  7. 1 full set of millenarian armor (thanks protax and puff)
  8. 3 rods of repair
  9. 1 orange wheel lotus
  10. 4 aurast staves
  11. 1 golden-scaled hauberk
  12. 1 potion of spellcraft
  13. 1 sporran of holding

Prize list is subject to change, and I will be actively attempting to add to the list throughout the contest.

Community Prize Donations

Some interest has been expressed concerning members of the community donating rewards to the contest. Just so that I don't have to keep track of everything that's said to me in-game, post whatever items, services, or other rewards you would like to donate here, and I will do my best to come up with a way to distribute them. I've already got enough prizes to make things worthwhile, but maybe we can get enough to get the winners something really spectacular, beyond just being able to brag about being the biggest know-it-all and packrat who plays the game.

Sign below with your name and what prize you want to donate.

A Kazarithax has fused itself to my keep list, send help; I need those points back. I can also put up a blue wheel lotus for a reward. -Scrysteel 11:16, 1 November 2011 (EDT)

I've got 2 orange wheel lotuses, a chronomemetic hourglass, 2 genie bottles, and a custom colour change of one physical feature.--Bladestorm 17:25, 11 November 2011 (EST)

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