The shop of the Healer Ariende

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    the shop of the Healer Ariende [n, e, w]

    This is the shop of Losthaven's Healer, Ariende.  A crisp, clean scent is in the air, and an
aura of peace and tranquility fills the place.  On the clean white wall to the east, there is a
sign.  The area has a few thin wisps of blue-white radiance and a few thin wisps of umber radiance
within and around it.  The area is brightly lit.  
Ariende the healer is here.
>l sign

   The writing is in Anglic, and reads:

Service                       Cost    Description
Invigorate                    50      For when you're a bit run down.
Bind                          100     For light wounds.
Mend                          250     Used on more serious injuries.
Cure                          500     Apply this to grave wounds.
Heal                          1000    For life-threatening injury.
Restore                       2500    A last resort for mortal wounds.
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