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This is a very soothing room. The walls are of shaped fungus growth and a soft purple hue, very relaxing to look at. On the south wall is a sign. The area is permeated by an intense, vibrant auroric radiance. The area is filled with a thick, murky, unnatural darkness.

You see Susalina the secretary. Obvious exits are east and west.

The writing is in Zadjalin, and reads:
Welcome to Dr. Dizak's office.  We are here to help you regain the mental strength that you  
deserve to have.  We offer several types of sessions. 
Please decide on the type of session that will benefit you the most.
Service                  Cost   Description
Listen                   150    Listen to some
                                soothing sounds to make your mind relaxed.
Talk                     350    Talk about your problems to set your mind at ease.
Discussion               750    The doctor gives you
                                his expert opinion on how to feel better.
Hypnosis                 1500   Hypnotherapy will help
                                you feel terrific and refreshed.
Mind blast               3000   The last resort in
                                therapy.  A magical blast erases trauma from
                                your mind.  The result is clear thoughts and a
                                renewed psyche.
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