Tonatiuh (ELF Invocation)

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"Bloody-handed god of the searing sun, Tonatiuh, hear me and bring your might to bear!"

 [ Type                   : ] god
 [ Portfolio              : ] the sun
 [ Disposition            : ] cruel
 [ Offerings Desired      : ] corpses
 [ Spirit Point Cost      : ] forty to one hundred
 [ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Tonatiuh; or have at least 40 points among theology skill, arcane lore skill and anatomy
 [ General Information    : ] Invoke in battle, uses your body as a medium for blasting your foes with rays of light.  Outside of
   combat, will provide illumination in darkness, remove blindness, or give a healing (if painful) infusion of his power.

You examine Tonatiuh through your clear glass lens of insight:
This is a male human with radiant yellow skin, black hair, and fiery eyes.  His perfectly-proportioned body gives off
intense radiance, casting an aura of light all around him.  The expression on his face is haughty and aloof.  You 
recognize this as Tonatiuh, the bloody-handed sun god of the Tenochca people, in the one avatar form he is known to   
Tonatiuh is well-known for his demand for blood sacrifices of sentient beings from his followers and his fierce approval 
of warfare.  He is permeated by a dim sparkling light. 
He has a tracery of prismatic radiance within and around him.  He looks about nineteen dimins tall, five and nine tenths 
dimins wide, and one and nine twentieths dimins front to back.  He is slightly hurt and is giving off bright light.  His  
movements are very quick.   
   He wields a hyperium flail in his right hand.  
   He wears a large hyperium breastplate on his chest, a large hyperium bracer on his left arm, a large hyperium bracer on 
   his right arm, a large hyperium left sandal on his left foot, a large hyperium right sandal on his right foot, a large 
   hyperium helm on his head, a large hyperium left gauntlet on his left hand, and a large hyperium right gauntlet on his 
   right hand.  
   He holds a hyperium kite shield with his left hand.
After a moment, the knowledge that Tonatiuh is composed of sixty-three percent flesh, nineteen percent blood, six percent 
bone, six percent skin, three percent brains, one percent black bile, one percent green bile, one percent eye, one percent 
hair, and one percent phlegm drifts into your mind like a long-forgotten memory.

Your clear glass lens of analysis shatters into a fine dust.
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