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Command: Touch

General-Use Command
Usage: <verb> <target | item> [with <means> | <preposition> <target>]
Alternate Forms: nudge, massage, thwack, slap, pinch, rub, hug, pet, prod, poke, push, scratch, caress, stroke, lick, suck, bonk, embrace, tap, pat, squeeze, tickle, grope,
                 cuddle, fondle, bop, press, nibble, smack, whack, kiss

A number of actions are grouped together under the broad concept of "touch", all representing some form of physical contact.  They have a variety of physical requirements -- for
example, many require a prehensile limb such as a hand, while "hug" requires two arms or two wings and "kiss" requires an osculatory manipulator such as a mouth.  Many can be
performed using an object, like "poke" or "prod".

    Examples: bonk Bill
              hug Bill
              touch Bob's head
              touch Bob's head with left hand
              poke Bob with sword
              rub aloe on Bob's chest with left hand
Development Information: The touch command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Wed Jan 02 11:26:07 2019.
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