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Guild gone.

Before you continue in these documents, the first thing you need to be aware of 
is that they are not a complete source for information on the capabilities of a 
traveler.  You will need to converse with Amon Tyrice, the one who is training 
you to be a worthy Traveler, to learn about the extent of your capabilities.

The Traveler abilities are described in the help file powers.

There are seven essential skills you will need to develop within the Travelers.  
These are listed below:

spatiomancy metaphysics
physics     philosophy
telesma     cosmology

Every single aspect of this guild depends upon these skills and you will find that
they are only trained to a limited degree in most instances.  To raise them passed
these limits, you will need to rely upon using your special abilities and by doing 
certain quests for Amon Tyrice.  By talking with him, you will learn what he wants.
Do this for him and he will reward you.  There are also quests that you can do for
him that he won't mention (incidental things that even he didn't know he wanted done 
until you have done them).

A word of caution: by performing actions that directly conflict with the concepts of
the guild (killing lacantius magnus for example) you will become what is known as a 
Fallen Traveler.  The Fallen Travelers possess most of the abilities of the Traveler 
but to a significantly reduced degree.  If you should become a Fallen Traveler, you 
will have one chance -- and one chance alone -- to atone for your mistake.

The Travelers are not a secret society; you may reveal your status as one and direct
people to Lacantius Magnus to become members freely.  Do not proselytize, however, 
attempting to convince others to become Travelers; when they are ready to receive the 
mysteries of the cosmos, they will come to us of their own will.

You should possess enough information to begin your travels.  I am not leaving the help
files obscure as some form of torment, but rather wish to give you the joy of discovery.
I would ask that those things that you figure out, you keep to yourself and allow your 
fellow Travelers to sweat a little.  From my own experience, I have always found that I 
play a guild much better when I am left to determine what powers I have at my fingertips 
rather than be told outright.  A lesson earned is always more poignant than one given.  
By all means help your fellows out, but they too must journey.

See also: help Amon Tyrice, help powers

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