Tsathoggua (ELF Invocation)

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Does the dark conspire? Tsathoggua, speak! Has the corpse known? Tsathoggua, speak! Which pain is true? Tsathoggua, speak! Do the stars dream? Tsathoggua, speak!"

 [ Type                   : ] lloigor
 [ Portfolio              : ] secrets, poisons
 [ Disposition            : ] neutral
 [ Offerings Desired      : ] runework
 [ Spirit Point Cost      : ] fifty to one hundred
 [ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Tsathoggua; or have at least 90 points among elder lore skill, arcane lore skill, poison
   lore skill and rune lore skill
 [ General Information    : ] Performs a variety of services, the first set to do with his concern with poisons, in which aspect
   he is known for adding a venomous influence to weapons and for protecting the invoker against such toxins.  If there is no
   such work for him to do, his attention turns to secrets, a role in which he will reveal the nature of unusual objects or, if
   none are nearby, educate the invoker in myriad elements of lore.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

This boost seems to enchance Arcane Lore, Cosmology, Qlippotic Lore, Elder Lore, History, Legend Lore, Philosophy, Poison Lore, Rune Lore, and Theology. It also gives access to and trains the Ngaathgl language. This boost also possibly trains Erisian and Introspection, but this may just be a result of the 'invoke' training guild skills.

End of spoiler information.
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