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[ Spell       : ] Turn Undead
[ Level       : ] One
[ Reversible  : ] No
[ Spheres     : ] Combat, Protection
[ Components  : ] None
[ Usage       : ] cast turn undead
[ Description : ] By using the holy power granted to you by your deity you can attempt
                  to abjure the undead. This power will injure any undead being nearby
                  in proportion to the strength of your invocation. Those undead with 
                  enough unnatural volition to recognize that they should fear the 
                  wrath of the gods may be stricken with terror and flee, while those 
                  shambling monstrosities too mindless to run are particularly 
                  susceptible to being outright destroyed.
                 Thought this power may be used against the same
                 undead repeatedly, it is much less effective on
                 subsequent invocations unless quite a considerable
                 time has passed.  The damage inflicted is greatly
                 reduced, and the abominations will not be forced
                 to flee.  This applies to subsequent attempts to
                 turn a given being by anyone, not just oneself.
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