Turtle (Empathic Bond)

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Known Abilities

Turtles are solemn, thoughtful little reptillian animals protected by a hard shell. They are found in the swamps of Castigon, as well as in Loch Nether. They have some amount of night vision, are able to survive under water indefinitely, and have a carnivorous diet.

Combat Bonuses

The turtle's consort adds their Steadiness and Discipline skills, to their deflection rating with shields.

Attribute Modifications

The turtle familiar grants its consort a large bonus to Vitality and Willpower.

Specialty Bonuses

Bonus specialty degrees and access are provided as follows:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Towards the end of "very frail" bond strength:

Tier 4

At "somewhat frail" bond strength:

Tier 5

At the middle of "fairly healthy" bond strength:

At "very healthy" bond strength, the first tier bonus specialties are increased to 2.

Tier 6

At the middle of "very healthy" bond strength:

Towards the middle of "robust" bond strength, the second tier bonus specialty (strategy) is increased to 2.


Initially on bonding:

Shortly after:

At resilient:

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Traits granted

The situational awareness trait is granted at 25% bond strength.

At some point around "robust" bond strength, the consort is granted the aqualung respiration mode, and becomes capable of breathing water and air.

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