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Primary incarnos is Artificier. Typically known as Arti. I was also Artificer, but I didn't know I would be back, so I made my password something cutesy that I wouldn't forget, and I forgot it. I have a bad habit of dying to the same thing over and over again, mainly because I forget that I get death penalties here, and whatever killed me left me without gear. Plus, I still haven't figured out the combat system. I had other toons, but I deleted them when someone suggested it would be much easier to hero with a pacifist traveler. So far I have passed my previous highest level, with about 20 less deaths. I had a fire mage, an aisenshi, and a carrion bird veryveryvar. I would forget which one I was on and get frustrated why my bow wasnt firing or what happened to my bear. For my own attention span, it is better to only have one toon at a time.

I ask a lot of seemingly stupid questions. My brains drifts around a lot, so Xaolyn is very entertaining to me. He also has a lot of seekret informations and trivias that I find highly interesting. That almost makes up for when he lied to me and got me killed.

Things I like about this place. The evolved history. There are hidden details all around that show that this place is actively evolving and changing. Most places would mush all of the sun gods into one sun god what had different names for different worshippers. This place had at least two sun gods team up against one other, and imprison him as the sun. And he is still used. He's not some background text, he can be invoked by the ELF. And bad things happen if you use the jailer vs the jailee. You can rip out hearts from corpses and sacrifice them to a god. Cthulhu exists. Most of the more modern areas have a tangible sense of completeness. Local food. Unique items for that area. Local history that ties in to other area history. Crazy orcs worship a giant chicken. Dwarves are so non-stereotypical that they have a completely new name. Cool arrows that do more than stab. The arbitrage system making me explore new places and discover their cool gear. the traveler obstacles. Discovering new damage types for Hylocosm Volley.

Things I don't like. Death effects. Dying to the same yikyik seven times in a row. Thieves taking my stuff and selling it right in front of me. Corpse looters. Thanatogalvanism on a pacifist. Blah areas. Getting killed by my own dog when I first started. But even that had some good to it. I remade and tried my hand at a custom character. I chose Sloan to start off which, and got a cool bear following me around. He couldn't swim, so I explored Gardagh a lot. None of this fits in what this paragraph should be about. I can reformat later after I have had enough coffee. Anyway, I liked how Vargan and Sloan were set up. Except for the giant wasp things that attack for no reason. I didn't like those. Or the aggro yikyik. And I couldn't wrap my head around tigers in viking areas until Xao mentioned Siberian tigers, but that still kinda doesn't fit. Syobien introduced me to some slightly seedier aspects and then Chaos made it so you could chop off willies and throw them at someone in the next room. Juvenile fun, but it was fun for a while. Anyway, bad things. I got used to how the Gardagh places were set up, then I found Losthaven again. the layout was a little clunky, but there was plenty to do there. It got a pass for that. Then I found Jack's Farm. It made me want to stab my eyes out and vomit the eye juice. Other blah areas make me sad. Blah guilds make me sad because I can actually figure them out. But they wont be around forever, so I try not to get attached to them. I also spend way too much time on things that really shouldn't be part of my attention span. I blame work for that. I may have fried aprt of my brain deaing with bad coding practices. Like copy/pasta. I just fixed what should be the sole instance of this, and yet it only works in one area. Now let me track down everywhere someone decided to copy pasta and fix each one. Centralized code works wonders. I like easily maintained and update able stuff. Root cause to one thing, and only have to fix one thing. Not spend ten hours tracking things down because someone would rather ctrl-c ctrl-v many times rather than spend 20 extra seconds making a link. I also have sleep issues and tend to do stupid stuff when I don't get enough sleep. Will probably delete most of this tomorrow. Unless I forget. I don't have reminders or a todo list set up for here.

Things I am looking forward to exploring:

ELF guild
Owl bonded wandslinger (no idea what else would be going into it)
Phaethon or Imp OIA
Lothar Battlerager
either a Knight or a Justicar (shields are pretty handy to try to use)

I am also looking forward to exploring more of the world. I am currently sitting at 23.4% of total exploration, and most of that was done with speedruns.

Maybe even one day I may join the ranks of the developers. FOr now, though, I must learn the MUD before I learn the underpinnings and attempt to grow the mud.

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