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I started playing Lost Souls around late 1996. In college, I worked at a helpdesk for our University's computing center, and several other people there played LS. They introduced me to it and I was quickly hooked. For awhile, there were 5 of us who played, sometimes all in the same room "working" for $7 an hour. Three of us, in particular, all had legendary heroes and we were the biggest addicts.

I am best known as Bragg, my minotaur legend from back in the day, but have also had another legendary hero and several heroes as well. Regretably, during my extended break from the game, I lost my atman information. Ambidexter was nice enough to re-attach Bragg to my current atman so older players would recognize me and having the legendary character creation options as a perk too.

I'm basically a newbie again though, and full of stupid questions these days!

Legends of Note

Bragg was created as a minotaur Champion of Chardros (Reapers) sometime around 1997.

In this era, many legendary and higher level heroes benefited from "donation items," which were artifact+ in power and attached to a character or atman. Bragg was generally respected for getting to such a high level without the aid of donations. He did guildstrip through Aisenshi to acquire meditation but that was the extent of the twinking I did with him.

Bragg's primary means of leveling up past about level 70 consisted of soloing Cthulhu, repeatedly, as well as clearing Corna, Jhan, and Shadow Tower. He was well known for being absolutely gigantic and having around 600 health in chest. At the time, you could invest attribute points in size as you gained levels. To the best of my knowledge, nobody else was even close to him in size or health. His size, coupled with the ridiculous weapon class on the reaper axe (yes, it was an axe at the time) along with haste from a crystal axe typically resulted in massive head damage to anyone he attacked.

He eventually attained a level around 140 before being zapped by a wizard/developer repeatedly for PK'ing a low level who had attacked him, mistaking "a dark reaper" for an NPC. At the time, the mud had (severe) experience penalties and this brought him down to level 103. I recall being attacked while resting in Shadow Tower and killing the character in question automatically in a round of subsequent combat. The wiz immediately interrogated me asking what I was doing killing new players, and 5zapped me when I answered one of their questions not to their satisfaction.

As one might imagine, this was very irritating to me and led to me retiring him to the Hall of Legends and taking an extended break from the mud entirely.


Syrian represented my new minotaur CoC project upon returning from my period of absence. By this time, the game was quite a bit different and you could no longer pump attributes into size endlessly, so I decided to focus Syrian on Willpower to pump up his necromantic abilities. I enjoyed perma-killing Varu, who I considered a big nuisance, which eventually led (I think!) Ubiquitous into making him immune to necromancy and buffing him to a ridiculously high Syrian touched level 90 briefly I think, but eventually died a few times and was retired at 75ish.

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