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Grammar nazi and newb to the game. I tend to correct spelling errors on the wiki during downtime while I look for pages I've never read before. Account started summer of 2011, found this game through a Wikipedia article on Cthulu strangely enough.

My character list changes frequently, but I always need a drow or drow-related creature in my roster. The following are what I have currently, and I'll try to update with each change.




Though often malicious in her plans and selfish in deeds this drow will always welcome some assistance in her exploration of the surface world. Her time away from the dark corridors of her home seem to have been slowly taking a toll upon her psyche, resulting in a somewhat bipolar state of chaotic insanity that brought her into the ranks of the POEE. She can often be seen killing Bill and promptly taking his position in the Losthaven Square as her preaching pedestal, shouting strange nonsense and quotations to the annoyance of all. Should Bill show his face during her preaching he is swiftly cured of his sanity, (and often his life,) in a religious display.


Once a companion of Elradra, Kid found hirself reborn in the Temple of Discordia after hir owner got them both into a battle that was beyond them. Thought to be beyond reach in death by hir master, Kid has pledged hirself to the service of Eris as a member of the POEE in thanks to the Goddess for hir newfound freedom.

Wherever revolts, riots, and general chaos can be found, a laughing shadow can be seen swiftly sublimating away somewhere nearby.


An easily-amused dana given the ability to warp time around him for the defense of his city and lord. He enjoys random teleportation and replacing bodies with other ones from the future. Whenever on a trip that isn't randomly chosen by misguided teleportation, he can also be found in the sewers of Losthaven training some of his skills, or back home getting gear and recovering from teleports. He enjoys rings of flying more than just about any other bauble.


A prideful garou that has been training for the service of Gaia since he was a pup. He can often be found wandering the wilds, searching for his favorite meal of venison, and the various dangers to Gaia.

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