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Grazzlegrak Rockson!

Yo. This is for my character, which currently numbers exactly one. I actually used to play Lost Souls forever ago - I even had a heroic character in the reapers, and a fairly high level Ringwraith named Emptor. But I never talked to anyone because I'm a frantic soloer.


With Grazzlegrak, I'm a (currently level 30) yeti in the Brute Squad. Decided to go with Brutes on account of them being incredibly straightforward, and an easier guild to get used to for someone who returned after so long. The plan worked well, as I managed to get to level 30 more or less naked and unarmed. Yay hand to hand combat!

Currently I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to maintain an evil and/or chaotic alignment easily, but it seems so much easier to go with good and ordered. You can often find me begging for rescue on OOC when I fall into a space I can't get out of, like the Underdark via the Exoma or the wyvern pit in the kobold city. I am in no associations yet because I have no idea which ones are good or what their requirements are. Grazzle's easy to RP, because all I have to do is act clueless and attack things.

Looking for a gang of like-minded types to exp with, and who doesn't mind dealing with a player who is basically a level 30+ manchild.

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