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Atman Information

 Atman Name: Kex
 Atman created Mon Nov 02 19:00:07 2009
 Email (public)
 Incarnates as Kynlar, Static, Kylulan, Marr, Kiyote, Rifheln, Silvuin, Tassa, Rali, Kezra, Kivuli, Kivrin, Serol, and Ansrel
 Primary incarnos Kivuli


 Female Losthavener dragon
 Level one hundred two Verynvelyr, Fianna, and Sister of Wine and Song
 Two months, twelve days, and three hours old


 Female Hellspawn drachannach
 Level sixty-eight Attuned Zetesa, Crafty Linguist, Sister of Wine and Song, and Wandslinger anent the Asklepeion
 Member of Anshinritsumei
 One month, twenty hours, and fifty-seven minutes old

Ansrel's memories before she became a drachannach are not very clear. At one point, she remembers hellish fire and brimstone and violence, and at another point, she remembers wandering and learning and a sort of peace. She remembers waking up one morning under a tree with nothing but blurry shadows of memory to guide her, and feeling so very lost. Awkward in a body that didn't quite feel like her own, she blundered away from the site.

At some point before her awakening, she had chosen to be a Traveler. Or perhaps she had simply stumbled into being one. A path already set out for her, she saw no reason not to continue what she was doing. Wandering, exploring, learning, these were things she enjoyed doing. She tracked down Janid for his ability to teach her varied and numerous languages, and wandered the lands searching out nooks and crannies. For a time, she learned about both the world around her and herself via the tools of Ganesha-given obstacles.

One day, she was forced to kill for the first time... and that singular event became many. She slowly realized that it wasn't just a necessity at times. Some part of her liked the rush that came with each kill. She hunted down bandits, scoured the lands for evil to target. Ansrel became addicted to the taste of blood and the fight.

That became her downfall. She fell, from the mostly neutral scholar and introspective creature she had been, to a hunter who compulsively killed at the slightest excuse. She went berserk in a fight, and woke up the next morn next to a half-eaten body and a distended belly. Unable to cope with what she had done, she fled. Both physically... and mentally.

Ansrel now wanders the world as a killer, a murderer, and an unfocused madman. Just as likely to kill as to flee.

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