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Was a Rainbow Magi back in the days when the statue in LH square was always and forever Dark. Left for many years and now is back playing a ranger named Wilson and a POEE named Fnarm who might have to become an ELF soon. Very often his characters are lost, in need of a corpse retrieval or drunk at one of the tavern. He will always take donations, advice or spoilers. In return he will think good thoughts about you and try to return the favor some happy future day. When he turns 30 he is going to weep, both in game and out. Lanos, the original character from way back when got to level 29 many times, but then always went on dying jags. In meatspace he plans on calling his 30th birthday the 9th anniversary of his 21st in order to feel better about himself. It is coming up all too soon. He is also always happy to write about himself in the third person and appreciates this chance to do so.

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