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Marcosy is a Lost Souls lead developer. He developed the Arbitrage and Assassination systems as well as the Gurbodax and Aumbrie areas, the Inducted, Gauric Legion, and Aedarene affiliations, the oneirheton and cadagion bonds and a few other things, including some revamps and whatnot. He doesn't look anything like this, but he likes this picture anyway.


Basically, I'm a guy who makes stuff. I like it when people update the wiki, particularly for content I've created - while it's nice to let people discover things for themselves, it's preferable to have it spoiled for people than to have it become lost to the ages.

I also play occasionally. My characters:

Arafein, Amberite Traveler/Aisenshi ($$$)

Zenomath, Garou Lupine (retired)

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