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My current characters in LS are:

  • Samson
    • Race: Amberite
    • Guild: Traveler
    • Description: Old character from before the changes. This is my only Amberite. I got my character Juan Matus to 100 then retired him, thinking that was that. Then they raised the level for amberites to 125. Go figure. Oh well, at least I have one.

  • Boomba
    • Race: Gully Dwarf
    • Guild: Battleragers
    • Description: High Assim is fun!

  • Mort
    • Race: Kedeth
    • Guild: Red Magi
    • Description: I'm vowed to hero a magi. This is my attempt. So far it's going ok. Level 20, but I've died quite a lot. He can't take hardly any damage before he's dead, but he can kill a bunch of stuff real quick with his area attacks. So he sort of makes up for it. I've got to figure out a way for him to stay alive better though. I think things will start looking up once I get him to 22 and he get's a much needed upgrade to indoor offense with the fireball spell.

  • Cid
    • Race: Fomor
    • Guild: Brute Squad
    • Description: This is my favorite character right now. He's all about smashing and ripping things up, which I think is fun.

  • Haaru (Developer)

Chaos has decided to give me a chance at development work. I've got a ton to learn, but I'm taking it one thing at a time. I'm concentrating a lot on learning the 3d auto mapping capabilities, which is actually very cool. I've decided to pound this knowledge into my head with an underground ant colony that I hope will be finished within the next couple months. Now that the holidays are over.

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