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Roark is a incarnos under the atman Davarog.

About Davarog:

Along with several others, we heavily played LostSouls starting in college in the time around 94-95 while working at the University Helpdesk. I recall mentioning to the 'Wizards' (that's right, right? wizhelp was the emergency channel, maybe?) that we were all from the same place so they didn't think we were multiplaying etc. We also would have really boring groups to monitor, I'm sure, since we talked out loud, not in chat, often.

Any more, I tend to hop around characters on my atman, which should be unhidden, so that I can play with ther powers.

I'm working very slowing on a Hero Amberite Brute (long ways away..), and making sure Eowyn has a buffer of experience into her Legendary status. I have several characters in the 50-80 level range, and I ponder bringing them along.

I had several retired Amberite and Valar heros and more that have dropped off my atman, but I still have a legend, so I'm all set there. I haven't deleted as many heros in annoyance, but I've retired or deleted my share of warp victims or dead ends.


  • Davarog is a 'scrabble letter' name. I have a hard time with creating names, so I use scrabble letters sometimes.
  • My real life identical twin is on LostSouls too. But we live in different cities
  • I code for a living, but I've never coded one line of LS. I'm a real user.
  • Like other players, I think, I'm willing to die just to find something out. I've had characters eaten & deleted by losing all their lives and so on. Fun! I'll also spend tons of in game resouces to figure out if one armour is better than another, and so on, using in-game resources.
  • Relately, I speculate wildly, sometimes terribly incorrectly, about how things work. I don't know often -- I don't want to know! Isn't ambiguity fun! I think between us we can figure it all out. Humbly, I'd say my information is usually pretty solid, but I often don't know any more of the mechanics then we all have visible to us.

Roark is one of my more favorite characters because he's a plain old human, with just the guild skills, and nothing else. He's so normal.

Roark the incarnos:

A old human Traveller, who predates many of the recent changes yet has hung on just the same.


This is a human with tan skin, gray hair, and blue eyes.  You are a Hero of Lost Souls, are in good
   shape and are surrounded by a cosmic aura.  Your left hand is marked by a pair of scars.  Your left
   arm, right leg and right foot are each marked by a scar.  Your chest is disfigured by horrible
   scarring.  Your head is terribly scarred.  You have a padme chakra on your right palm, a sahasrara
   chakra above your head, a vishuddha chakra on your throat, a manipura chakra on your solar plexus, a
   red and blue Patryn name rune dubbing you Arig tattooed over your heart and the small mithril pin of
   a fiddle on your lapel.  Your eyes are blue on blue, iris and sclera alike.  
You are about eighteen and a half dimins tall, five and three quarters dimins wide and one and nine
   twentieths dimins long.  
You are meditating.  
You wear a suit of silver-segmented strata armour on your body, a silvery jade anklet on your right
   ankle, a silvery eel skin sash around your waist, an amber-sapphire-set silver earring on your ear,
   a silvery antimony ring of good luck on your left hand and a silvery-sapphire-set silvery brass ring
   of good luck on your right hand.
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