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Oraror's incredibly messy POEE reference

As with all things POEE+discordian+fnord this is guesswork based on experimentation and possibly outdated damage combination information, and channeling has a significant amount of randomness as to the proportions of hylocosmic whatsits you get with each channel and how spread out the secondary effects are.

POEE Channel Combination Quick Reference
Boom thunder vital
Orange fire sensory
Prickle chaos/entropy/force physical
Sweet light/water/air hematic
Pungent poison/air humorous
Chaos chaos none
discord chaosfire explosive disintegration rainbow toxic chaoswind
Discord thunder/chaos mental
discord rainbow discordant overpressure rainbow toxic discord
Confusion psionic/chaos confusion
discordant confusion burning confusion mind disintigration mind rainbow ravening intelligence
Bureaucracy temporal/chaos/order/entropy/cutting adrenal
void-bureaucracy burning bureaucracy structured bureaucracy extropic bureaucracy void-bureaucracy
Aftermath chaos/temporal/void spiritual type
discordant aftermath burning aftermath concussive aftermath discordant aftermath necrotoxic aftermath


  • vital - hitpoints. Positive heals, negative damages. Sufficiently powerful channels can regrow lost limbs, so get those skills up.
  • spiritual - spirit points. Positive gives SP, negative takes it away(?)
  • physical - endurance points. Positive restores end, negative damages them, also numbs
  • mental - insanities. Positive cures - permanent insanities seems to require a 'great' power level and success is random. Negative inflicts.
  • sensory - blindness. Positive cures. Negative inflicts
  • hematic - poisons. Positive cures, negative inflicts
  • adrenal - speed. Positive buffs, negative slows
  • humorous - disease. Positive cures, negative inflicts Grimlyosis, a very fun disease.
  • confusion - not an official channel type, appears to be similar to the old Confusion power's Turkey Curse (GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!) on negative channels

Misc notes

  • Ever since change #6921 infusion appears to be from simply channeling sufficient amounts of positive whatever, and the infusion is a product of combined element types. More experimentation is needed. Infusions of amalgamal types (i.e. thunder, light) seem to break down into their basic elements, so for example you'll get a mix of vivax/pyrax/aquarax/aerilax/xorakas when infusing with sweet chaos. Non-hylocosmic damage types sometimes produce their solids, possibly depending on the existence of a solid phase material in the library? You can definitely get lexoth, xorakas and negarax.
  • A negative chaos infusion into a dead creature's remains dissolves them and restores some SP (not chaos energy!), ever since #6921 there's other weird stuff that can happen with positive channels into corpses, more experimentation is needed.
  • This alias should hit most eligible targets for SP gain:
    set alias cleanup to perform eristic channeling at scraps, all remains, rubbles, corpses using minor chaos
  • Unwarping is done by holding 5 warpstones in your inventoryand performing a max powered positive physical type channel at the subject (so greater positive prickle chaos should do the trick). Having 5 warpstones in your main inventory is dangerous to pretty much everyone (they won't warp a chaos favoured individual, but they WILL explode), it's a good idea to set up an alias to pull the stones out of a container and perform the channel action in one go, and use the alias.
  • The chaos energy conversion minigame's best done using the via command
    set alias convert to think about a turtle, a brick, and a fnord;via subvocalize
    that allows you to just pick 1 or 2, once you finish, end the via session with .

Useful channel combinations

Use aliases. For the love of Eris, don't try typing this stuff out in a fight.

  • Targeting - Eristic channeling's targeting is incredibly flexible because it honors all the possible modifiers under help targeting. This includes "opponent, my opponents" and "friends, companions" for precise aiming of horrible, room clearing AOE. The downside is it's fairly chaos energy costly to go completly nuts. Eg:
    set alias aoe to perform eristic channeling at all opponents using minor boom chaos
  • Power level also controls the size of the "damage vector", the bigger the vector the more the damage is spread out over the target's body. This means that lower channel levels from a skilled wielder can be more efficient at actually killing a target via head/chest injury (especially if fighting many weak opponents), but it is easier to hit an evasive target with a larger vector (and a higher power level is going to throw around some fairly nasty debuffs) - it's all swings, roundabouts, and tradeoffs.
  • A sample size of 1 (Oraror) shows that
    • Minor produces lashes
    • Lesser produces blasts
    • Major produces torrents
    • Greater produces shockwaves
    • Great produces storms
  • Healing -
    perform eristic channeling at me using minor/lesser/major/greater/great positive boom chaos
    Power levels to taste, at high power levels
  • Debuffing A Dude -
    perform eristic channeling at opponent using lesser orange bureaucracy;perform eristic channeling at opponents using lesser prickle confusion
    First channel damages/slows/blinds, second damages/numbs/confuses. Maybe. Adjust power setting to taste. Blinding and numbing can really mess up an opponent's combat ratings.
  • Some Idiot Left The Crown Of Ugior Outside LH -
    perform eristic channeling at me, beings using max pungent positive chaos
    Attempts to cure the diseases of everyone in the room.
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