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Here is my profile on the main LS page.



   Hi. I am an eternal newbie who likes being helpful, prefers theme to mechanics, lore to ratings, and feels hugs should be more common everywhere.

Developer things


   Kenopsia is me. Feel free to poke with ideas or writing or lore and things, or even to chat if you would like to for whatever reason?


Implemented Projects

  • None yet! :(

Planned Projects and Works in Progress

  • Operation Gatekeeper:
    • increasing the prevalence and usefulness of keys
    • Hopefully discouraging the casual smashing of doors through some excellent role modelling?
    • Keyrings, to hold the suddenly more useful keys. Thank you, idea 880!
    • Diversifying doors and locks, once I am far more familiar with making things work in general.
  • Player Contributions:
    • Written works and maybe potentially adjacent items.
    • Benerius is leading this one, but it could be a joint effort. I want to see more of an impact on the world itself as made by players, to help it grow and feel alive.

Character Things


   She is and will forever be my main character. Friendliest Aligned Ninja.


   You are a female Gezuuni with white skin, shimmering hair, and intense golden eyes.  You are a Legendary Hero of Lost Souls.  A resonant echo lingers around you, sending harmonic hums through the surrounding air in time with your movements.  A large sphere of translucent cerulean energy encircles you, keeping centered around your body as you move.  Tiny motes of radiant sky blue light dance on the surface of your forehead.  You seem to slide constantly from your visual focus.  A tail of articulated sky blue amber extends from the lower back of your chest.  Convoluted skeins and whorls of runic verse crisscross the Gezuuni's body, notes of viscous twilight and turbulent claret stark against ashen flesh and lithe muscle. Framed in heavy locks of blue-black hair--each strand reflective and shimmering, as if spun from glass--the harsh angles and sharp lines of her face accentuate the gold-flecked azure incandescence of her eyes.  She is Zathalae, an enchantress and lexiturge of considerable skill, whose elusiveness boarders on the legendary. The most scurrilous of rumours declare her an assassin or spy for the island of Hanoma; her unofficial, less reputable title is The Aligned Shadow. Less speculative and more scholastic hearsay paints a rather different picture, however: most of the Gezuuni's research and innovation revolves around hyperspatial mathematics and arcane models, from the attempt at lexiturgically mapping Gezuun, to the more controversial animaphrastic preservation and analysis of the sapient soul.  A piece of ioun malachite of defense, an ioun citrine of chaos favour, a lechosa ioun opal of twilight, a piece of ioun amber of order favour, and a yellow ioun diamond of the minstrel float around your head in elliptical orbits.  You have a svadhisthana chakra on your lower abdomen, a manipura chakra on your solar plexus, an anahata chakra on your chest, a vishuddha chakra on your throat, an ajna chakra on your forehead, a sahasrara chakra above your head, a kalila chakra on your left palm, a muladhara chakra between your legs, a padme chakra on your right palm and a coruscating blood-red Gezuuni name rune dubbing you Zathalae tattooed over your heart.  You are giving off light.  
   You are about fourteen and a half dimins tall, four and nine twentieths dimins wide, and one and a tenth dimins front to back.  
   You are in good shape.  
   You are engaging in meditative combat.  
   You wield a mirror misericorde in your right hand.  You wear aislynn's hoodie on your upper body, a pair of gray leather yubokumin pants on your legs, a pair of gold-filigreed leather sandals on your feet, aislynn's scabbard horizontally across the back of your thighs, an ivory silk shirt of second self on your upper body, a golden crow feather eolian anklet on your left ankle, a golden crow feather eolian anklet on your right ankle, a black leather phylactery of theosophy around your tail, a golden leather dactid on your right hand, a sky blue diamond manifold stone on your forehead, a gold tiara on your head, an adamantium ring of solitude on your left hand, and a silver great ring of psycholeptetic aptitude on your right hand.  You hold a sky-blue-fractal-spiral-inscribed iron tessen with your left hand.


   He is important too. My first ever hero, a kobold and sunfish consort with visions of grandeur and dreams of someday achieving greatness. Maybe his long and arduous path to bezhuldaardom will be complete someday.

Character Concepts

   A dreamer will dream. These are character ideas--builds, if you want to be all game-terminological about it--that I want to try out some day, or would love to see someone attempt with me.
  • ovg inducted: An initiate into the ways of ordered ice magic who embraces the cold harsh truth--the universe will someday be nothing by a cold perfectly ordered void. Very edgy, but very thematic and interesting!
  • Kedeth Oneirheton Bond: Are dreams not also another aspect of the mind, after all? :)
  • Shovel Knight: I have actually started work on this one! A silly reference--an eolon Aristeia who wields shovels and wears full plate. Thank you to Benerius for telling me adamantite is blue!
  • Kedeth Spearmaiden: And a Coyote consort, or some friendly desert animal. Maybe she'd pop firestarter and gain a reputation for being a fearsome fighter, being all scary and intimidating with a flux spear and a hush shemagh.
  • Something with the mantid race: Poor insectoid races, always so under appreciated. </3 An Aisenshi, with many sharp weapons? Or maybe something more chaotic, like a Brute.
  • Giant Traveler: And and and use a giant crystal lance from astride his flying snaky friend! And of course otherwise be a gentle giant, handing out challenges to those in need.

The Folded Mirror

   A good/ordered adventuring company!

On Joining

   Hi, if you see this and are interested, feel free to ask in-game, please. We would love to have you. :) There are several hopefully-not-so-horrible prerequisites, but if you think you might be a good fit even if not meeting all of them, please please reach out.
  • Legend: Sorry, but the way adventuring companies work, it is important that all members have at least roughly equal levels. SO this one is technically not mine. :( This means that the character you want to join with should be a legend, not that you have a legend on your atman.
  • Ordered: Evil might be a little hard to reason, but talk with me! We should hopefully get to know each other, anyway.
  • Attuned: mostly for thematic flavor. I reasoned most ordered characters would be attuned regardless, so this hopefully excludes very few?
  • Aaand that should be everything: What follows is only a short lore blurb.


  • “We are the countless refractions of a single folded mirror.”
   Proponents—refractions—of an organization calling themselves the Folded Mirror are scholars, artists, storytellers, and wanderers who believe universal attunement involves nafush unity but ruakhut individuality; that order and chaos are not distinct existences, but rather parts of a greater fractal set comprised of and containing each infinitely.
   Their mission statement, if there is one, appears to be as nebulous and obscure as their philosophy. Their projects and movements often seem to involve promoting cooperation between opposing groups and collective enlightenment through individualistic pursuits.

As a Refraction of the Folded Mirror, there is a certain code of conduct you should strive to uphold:

  • To be a teacher is to be a student. Teach others to provide their own lessons, rather than as a means to an end. Specifically, do your best to enable others who seek aid, rather than taking the agency from their hands. Explain and reason with them before directly assisting, so that they might feel better informed and more accomplished in the future. Promote unity through individuality, as is our school of thought.
  • Branches have their trunk. And though the trunk has roots, the roots hold the soil. And though the soil has rocks, the rocks preside on Aedaris. We strive to understand both chaos and order, but as we are an organization, some measure of justice and cordiality between members and affiliates is expected. IN particular, attempt to limit acts of undiscussed violence or harm. If you intend to cause conflict, intend to warn fellow fold members to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Confer with the target before acting, if at all possible.
  • Finally, share information. Be unique in self-expression, but proliferate knowledge, so that others may as well. We are all similar in the patterns that comprise us, but not in the way we express those patterns. This is why we are refractions, rather than reflections. Knowledge is our ink, help to generate it, especially amongst fellow refractions.
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