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I've been playing LS off and on since 1994. First heroes were the Cleric Avarius and the Minotaur Reaper Khas a long time ago. Currently work far too much, but always find my way back here eventually.

Talmon incarnates mainly as the following characters.

Ordin - Level 93 Human Kaz: My first Legend under the old 75 setup. Been working on him off and on to get him up too 100. If you see me on, say hi.

Grimwise - Level 34 Faerie RW. Haven't played in a while due to screwing up some specs.

Mourngrim - Level 29 Green Lantern. Pure fun, and when I get back into LS usually the first one I play for a bit.

Mavedius - Faerie Reaper. Fear the fly with the sickle! Always looking for skulls if anyone has extra.

Tersaror - Nyloc Ringwielder. Created for fun, and mainly necro spec. Still need to get a stat reset after some of the skill/stat changes to get him working properly again. Has a good Strongman talent.

Irislan - Kedeth Justicar, Fallen Blood of Chaos and Questor of Tyr. Trying to work this one out to have excellent smith skills for very high-end guild equipment. Not getting there so far, and combat can be a tad rough.

Celisi - Chaosborn Outsider, Attuned and Maiden of the Spear. Was a potion abuse expert, until the rep cost of blood-reds got increased drastically. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to play her and not get wrecked by things.

Even though I've been around for a while there is still a whole lot of things I don't know, and probably even more things that I've forgotten. I'm always willing to chat or try to help.

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