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so I'm bored its 530 in the morning I decide lets check out lost souls give it a try its been a while but you played for years and years how much could have changed so I log in Foxgloves seeing as thats my slightly non newb but still kinda newish (as of last playing) I log in to what I think might have been the plane formerly know as limbo yay I can barely read where I am when I get attacked by a Slaad remembering that Fox isn't the combat monster Zia is I try to flee when I'm then attacked by a sunfish (something new to me at least) fleeing again then I see an error has occured and I'm bleeding to death, dead and at what I think might possibly have once been Discordia where I pray to eris and get teleported to some random place yay! as if dying in limbo (w=or wtfever its called now) and losing all my stuff on my corpse wasn't bad enough I'm not totally lost as a ghost. great welcome back. I think it'll be another year before I try again.

Characters I play

Zia d'Crow Neuter Losthavener aviar Legendary Reaper Leader of the Order of Darkness Ascendant

Whispers a formerly Kedeth turned Invae RW, Agnihotri, Garbage Dwarf, Explorer, Warden, LDD, Spearmaiden, Chosen of Vashanka, EX-Champion of someone, Wandslinger, Battledancer

Ouch a Fomor Brute stupid but fun for role playing

Foxgloves a Zenun Pyx Ranger (branching out into non evil) Image:foxgloves.jpg

Yumiko an Orc Aisenshi Spearmaiden (trying to play her as mute)

Erysipelas a plague lord in the making whos name actualy means something look it up its gross

Elethonern an Elflord Seer

Itsybitsy a rachnei reaper first spider like creature seeing if i like em

I've been playing for years and play for fun not for levels and i hope to be as helpful as i can.

can be emailed @

the baby girl that distracts me and from time to time bangs on the keys Isabella Katherine


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