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Hey people. Since Chaos changed the system so we can log in with LS IDs I figured I'd switch from Bluerobin427 to Zyll. I think "Zyll"'s on everything I've done anyway.


Zyll, Level 30 male Hanoman kender Outsider, Attuned, Haruspex and Questor of Tyr

Yll, Level 18 male Almerian wildling kobold cat Ranger, Garbage Dwarf and Shadow Brother

Cashew kail Anutho, Level 13 male Losthavener faerie Devonshire Cleric, Attuned and Garbage Dwarf

Spoon, Level 8 male Losthavener quessae Traveler

Dredge, Level 8 male Losthavener kobold Sentinel and Stalker of the Gate

Monochrome, Level 17 female Archeop aviar Hawkman, Apollonian Disciple and Maiden of the Spear

Kado Singer, Level 10 neuter Losthavener faerie Aisenshi and Attuned

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