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Primary Incarnos


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What I do

Basically, I troll through the wiki and fix shit up as I come about it. As soon as I see something and say to myself, "this looks stupid", or "why doesn't it look like this?", or "why is this missing from here?", I fix it. You will see tons of edits in a row as I fly through a huge wiki-chain of pages that need to be reformatted in a uniform way, or where I find a string of general improvements.

My hope is that one day, as I do this bit-by-bit, that the wiki will look more professional and will contain less useless information.

The rest of the time I'm actually playing the game.

   You bite Obama's chest and right arm with your mouth.
   You tear into Obama's chest with your mouth.
   You tear into Obama's chest with your mouth.
   Obama dies.
   You have gained three experience.
   [OOC Zygefgh] raaarrr, i'm donald trump!
   [OOC Xaolyn] and now zygefgh is on like a dozen watch lists

Development Ideas

Magickal Ley Lines
  • create ley lines on the world map, rooms with intersections will have a special trait
  • ley lines and their intersections are visible with sufficient astral perception or using the sensitive/dowser talents (might make dowser less shit)
    • maybe add spells/bond charms that point/teleport to intersections
  • when meditating in a room with an intersection, you passively regenerate all esoteric energy pools at an increased rate
  • maybe add/modify some spells/bond charms to require an intersection to be present
  • implement a digging system
    • allow burying and uncovering of items, ie: buried treasure
      • brief room description will not reveal any indication of recent digging activity, but closer examination would reveal "disturbed earth"
    • digging would only apply to earth, mud, etc.
  • implement a mining system
    • same idea as digging as far as stashing items is concerned (recently disturbed rubble)
  • implement a stone-harvesting system based on the mining system
    • each room that allows mining would have some kind of resource attribute that would replenish after reboot
  • implement a lumberjack skill
  • implement a wood-harvesting system based on the lumberjack skill
    • each room that allows lumberjacking would also have a resource attribute that would replenish slowly over time, and fully after reboot
Player-Owned Lairs
  • apply the implemented digging and mining skills in combination with carpentry and masonry to facilitate the construction of player-created burrows, caves, and buildings
  • digging a burrow with claws or shovels, mining a cave with mining tools, building a wooden building with harvested wood and carpentry supplies, and building a stone building using harvested stone and masnonry implements, would all be considered extremely extended actions (upwards of 5 mins of real time, perhaps more depending on complexity of task and skills)
    • eg: a Rachnei digging a burrow in earth would be much easier to accomplish than a faerie building a granite keep
  • player "lairs" decay over time and require maintenance
  • implement necessary skills and systems to allow construction of "security systems"
    • locks, traps, magical wards, mercenaries, golems, etc.

(Why do you care about this?)

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